Backpacking: First Aid Kit

Whatever type of outdoor adventure you’re up to, you need a first aid kit with you. The first aid kit checklist will give you an idea on the general basic needs but of course your list would depend on where you’re going. Will you be mountaineering or camping in the wilderness where you’ll be responsible for your own health and sometimes for your teammates’ health? Will you be staying in provincial areas of the country where pharmaceuticals are either far or in short supply? What you need in Paris is definitely not the same as what you need in Cambodia.

> Oral Medicines

  • Antihistamine – I don’t have allergies but I always bring this whenever I travel with my boyfriend. He’s allergic to shrimps/prawns.
  • Antacids – for heart burn or bloating
  • Strongest painkiller in case of accidents
  • Anti-Diarrhea – don’t skip a day to explore new places just because you have eaten a lot of local food (which you’re tummy’s not used to) the night before.
  • Motion sickness pills
  • Multivitamins – good to keep yourself energetic and your immune system up for whatever adventure that comes your way
  • Ibuprofen – for regular painkillers, dysmenorrhea, simple headache, muscle pains or even hangover

> Antiseptic creams – for bites and burns

> A roll of adhesive tape

> Foot blister protection plaster

> Water purifications tablets

> Insect Repellant

> Some sterile gauze pads – in case you sprained a wrist or ankle

> Betadyne – for wounds. Betadyne is also used as water purifier. Just put 3-4 drops on a liter of water

> Bandages – for small scrapes or scratch which comes easy in backpacking environments. Can also be used on hot spots to prevent blisters.

> Alcohol – for disinfecting

>  Cotton

A backpacker is an adventurer, a risk taker and a survivor. The list above is more than relevant – it can save your life.


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