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  1. Hi. Just like to know who the photographer is for the photo found on your TRUST & PADDLE ON entry. We are interested to use the said photo and we are willing to pay for photo rental. We are a graphic design studio and we are doing an investment brochure for a client. Hoping for your response.

      1. THANKS SO MUCH. Hope to hear from you soon. Or can you give us contact numbers so we can get connected.

  2. any suggestions for beaches near manila?? i was planning on going to Munting Buhangin, now i’m having doubts because of negative reviews. pleas help.:)

    1. Hi Kieve! Oh no, not in Munting Buhangin I tell you. My suggestion would be depending on what type of traveler you are 😊 If you’re a backpacker, I suggest Dampalitan Island in Quezon or the coves in Zambales (Anawangin/Nagsasa). If you’re a flashpacker, I suggest Laiya area in Batangas 😊

    1. Hi Deanna 🙂 I didn’t have any problems when I went to Bali so I think it would also be breezy for you 🙂 safe travels!

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