Who? Me?

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My name is Gail — I have a small black mole on the side of my left foot…

My parents and I noticed it when I was a kid. My mom said that means lakwatsera”and “makati and paa”. Lakwatsera is a Tagalog word meaning “wanderlust” andmakati ang paa is a Tagalog phrase and idiom meaning “itchy feet”.

There is a Filipino belief that if a person has a mole on his/her feet, it means he/she loves wandering. I have made a quick on-line research about hidden meanings of moles in the body and I found out that a Chinese belief says a mole on your feet denotes a life filled with travel both for pleasure as well as for work. They said if a mole is a dot-like small, it means happiness in travel. However, when a mole is too large, it means that travel brings problems. Whatever that truly means, those beliefs have been true to me and how I’ve been enjoying my travels.

I have this strong and irresistible impulse to travel. I find adventure around every corner. Nature brings balance to my well-being. Learning about varying cultures interests me more to communicate. I love to experience traditions, from smallest primitive villages to big wealthy cities, enjoy nature from vast mountains to deepest oceans and appreciate simplicity of life from the nearest island to a far-flung spot in the wilds.

I am a fan of backpacking/budget trips. For one obvious reason, it is CHEAP. If you give me a choice of staying in a five star hotel or in a small nipa hut in a fishing village, the hut would win hands down. I also truly love the challenge of going to a certain place by my own means. My curiosity makes me need and want to see what unique things can be found in the area. I like the thought that I know I can survive with everything on my backpack and that material possessions don’t mean a whole lot out there, and really the only thing that matters is the experiences I bring with me and the experiences I take home with me.

I created this blog to not just document my travels but also share my experiences with my fellow backpackers and those who have yet to try, hoping to help them spend less and travel more. Having a demanding corporate job and at the same time maintaining my travel blog is a challenge but believe me, I am trying my very best in multitasking.

My biggest dream is to quit the corporate industry, open a business, travel and write but since I cannot afford it for now (and not anytime soon), I’ll just share my experiences from my backpacking opportunities.

Carpe diem!


18 thoughts on “Who? Me?

    1. Hi Sara – thank you! yeah me too, I have to work hard to go to my dream destinations..who knows we might cross paths one day =)

  1. Hi Gail,

    Thanks for liking my post. I share your dream too.
    Someday we shall overcome!! 🙂

    I love your posts!


    1. Thanks Lisa! Yes, I’m positive our dreams would come true one day..I guess, while waiting for that, let’s just live our lives to the fullest each day =)

      Cheers to our travels! =)

  2. Hi Gail,

    Wow…this is great girl. Didn’t know we have the same interest and perspective about travelling, but good for you ur able to fulfill and share your experiences as well..
    Will definitely follow your blogs and just live it in from of my computer, hehehe..:)

    1. Thanks for following my blog Su. It’s a pleasure to share my experiences most especially when I know the info I share help others who travel =)

  3. Hi Gail! I am Vietnamese, and we say the same thing about mole on foot. Guess what I have one on my left foot too. I haven’t been traveling as much as I want to, but a girl can dream right?

    Also, a long time ago I spent a few years in the Philippines, Palawan to be specific. Mabuhay!

    1. Hi Misou, thanks for droppin’ by =) I think Asians have almost the same interpretations about moles…You sure can travel some day, you already started it when you visited my country, right. I hope you enjoyed Palawan. I will be going to your country too this July. I’ll be staying in my Vietnamese friend’s house. Who knows maybe i’ll bump with you while walking the streets of Ho Chi Minh =)

      Enjoy your journeys! =)

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