Hostel Review: The Circle Hostel La Union

The huge round capiz chime on the hostel’s wooden gate was a welcoming sound like saying “welcome to the tropical paradise!”. Simple colorful paintings all around, hammocks, a tree house and e very laid-back ambiance would greet you and make you stay at the Circle Hostel. Quotes are painted on the cemented steps, on the native walls and on the locker doors. You could see summer art designs; surf boards, sun, waves, flip-flops etc. “paddle harder”, “the coast is clear” and “keep your spirit free” are just some of the quotes written on the huts stairways. Native brown mats cover the huts’ floors; single bunk beds are ready with soft mattress and a pillow, curtains and white mosquito nets. Bed cover and pillow cases will be given at the reception area so you will have to prepare your own bed.

The huge common area located on the right side of the compound is a hut where you would want to lounge lazily anytime ofthe day. Fresh summer breeze comes through, native mats on the floor, pillow cases all around, 4 hammocks, books to read, speakers where you can connect your ipod to play music, electric sockets to charge your gadgets and musical instruments like Ukulele and Djembe you could use to play and jam with other guests. On one of its corners, there’s a pulley with a basket connected down to the reception area. This is used when you want to buy something and you’re too lazy to go down. The tree house is now being built, I wonder if they would put a put a pulley there too.

There is hot shower, thank God! The comfort room has 4 shower areas, 4 toilet cubicles and 2 outdoor sink.

This place was built for adventurers, friendly surfers whether amateur or pro, carefree spirited guests and optimist. Optimism is shown through the paintings on the concrete and native walls. Backpackers on a budget, this is an ideal place for us who need bed and comfort room to crash for a surf trip.

As their tagline goes “there are no strangers”, the hostel set-up would really encourage you to smile, loosen up, talk to people, mingle and have fun.

It is located about a minute walk from the main road and 3-5minutes walk to the beach. Your landmark would be the newly opened Moonleaf Tea along the main road, right across San Juan Surf School. Circle is less than minute walk on the dirt road beside Moonleaf.

There’s always someone at the reception 24/7. Locker rooms are offered free for your valuables.

It is a hostel, the cleanliness of the place somehow also depends on the guests. Every morning someone cleans the comfort room and the common area.

There are 2 nipa huts with single bunk beds that can accommodate 45 people. If you want to sleep in a hammock, they have about 20 hammocks available for sleeping.

Bunk Bed – 450 Php per night
Hammock – 350 Php per night

The Circle Hostel La Union. Urbiztondo,San Juan, La Union, Philippines
FB: The Circle Hostel
Mobile Number: 0917 832 6253
Landline: 607-3796


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