How to Enjoy Boracay Island with a 5k Budget

view from Real Coffee Cafe. The subtle yet captivating Boracay sunset.

Disclaimer: These tips are for budget travelers, backpackers or flashpackers who keep coming back to be under the spell of Boracay charm again and again. For first timers, you would need more money as there are a lot of activities you should try there. 5k doesn’t include the airfare, but we got a 2-way ticket for only Php1800.


You’ll save a lot by traveling with friends and sharing the room. On this trip, I was with 3 of my long time travel buddies and I shared the room with them.

Villa Simprosa, located at Station 2 offers budget rooms with 2 big beds, hot and cold shower, kitchen and a veranda. The receptionists are friendly and the location is safe. I remember one night we left the door unlocked but we never lost anything and we’re left unharmed. 20 steps from the hotel (yes I counted it..kidding) and you’re already at the pristine Boracay Beach.

The kitchen also has cooking & eating utensils that can be used for free.

Wi-Fi is available at all parts of the hotel.

For bookings, contact them at: 09179333439


Do you know how to cook?

One practical way of spending less in Boracay is to cook your meals. There’s a food market at D’Mall but more options are available at D’Talipapa. During our 4D3N stay there, our lunch or dinner menu includes those easy to cook meals; Chicken Caldereta, Spanish Omelette, Buttered Veggies, Pork Chops and bread and fruits for breakfast.

Of course there are hours of the day when you just want your to laze up and want your meal served especially after spending hours on the water.

Eating at restaurants would still be within budget. Perhaps, my tip here would be: do not eat at restaurants that could also be seen in Manila or any city for that matter. Instead, eat at the local restaurants.

Smoke at D’Mall is highly suggested or better yet buy seafoods and have it cooked at some restaurants lined beside the wet market. They call it “Paluto”.

Coffee lovers, for God’s sake, you don’t go to Bora to have coffee at Starbucks. Try something new! Real Coffee Cafe is a MUST TRY! From Station 1 they relocated 2 months ago at Station 2. They are now on the second floor of a PADI dive shop. What’s good about their new location is that it’s a view deck for sunset and passersby. Try their “Real Coffee”, made from Philippines Coffee beans with a shot of espresso. Calamansi Muffin is also a hit. Mama Lee, the American owner, said she opened the café in 1998. More details on the café review I’ll be doing for her 🙂

Crazy Crepes at Station 2 beside Cinnabon has lots of choices for crepe lovers. My top pick is the Mango Nutella crepe!

Wine on the beach? Possible! We brought a bottle of wine from Manila. Just make sure to advise the check-in attendants that there’s something fragile inside your check-in baggage.


Since we have tried almost all activities in our previous visits in Boracay, we only tried paddle boarding this time. Beware: they offer different prices. I suggest getting one at the Station 1 area and don’t forget to HAGGLE! I rented a paddle board for only 500 per hour.

The top reason for our almost annual visit here is definitely the BEACH. So top activities to do are, to swim and enjoy the turquoise sea, get a tan and lie on the powdery white sand, relax while watching the most beautiful sunset. THESE are PRICELESS!

My last tip would be – travel with the right people! Small group travel is like a relationship. It wouldn’t work if you don’t have that “chemistry” together. It wouldn’t work if your personalities are from the opposite ends of the spectrum. Well, I am just lucky that I have my boyfriend Wowoo and couples Kuya Ariel and Suzzie who have been my travel buddies for 5 years now. We share the same passion for adrenalin rush, budget trips, love for music, love for Nature and steady drinks.

On our last night of the trip, we talked about our travel plans for next year…where next? We’ll revisit the untouched beauty of the Calamianes Group of Islands.

Meantime, here’s for you to check out my list of expenses in Boracay:


6 thoughts on “How to Enjoy Boracay Island with a 5k Budget

  1. Thank you for the tip! Hopefully we could visit there this year.
    Btw, I hope you could fix the font on your content. Medyo masakit sa mata kasi habang nagbabasa, better use arial or verdana. 🙂

  2. Wow! Great Post. Really informative 🙂 Its really fun if you were with friends, aside from you have a share buddy in expenses at the same time you have a buddy to enjoy the beauty of Boracay. I also enjoy my vacation in Boracay. From Beaches, to Water and land activities, Great Foods, amazing sunset and oh how can I forgot the nightlife in Boracay 🙂 But I really look for a relaxing and peaceful place to stay and there I find The Orient Beach Boracay, its affordable, 5 mins ride to D’mall, its not hassle anyway because they have a free shuttle Service going to D’mall. It was also a Newly Opened Hotel, you can find great deals in many sites. Plus they serve really great Breakfast. it was also closer to the famous Puka Beach 🙂 You just need to be familiar with the affordable prices in Boracay, so you will spend lesser than they offer especially in Land and Sea Sports 🙂

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