Facts and Tips on Bed Bunking

Many travelers, especially backpackers, prefer bed bunking or staying in a hostel rather than in middle class or high end hotels. Why? For one obvious reason, it is cheap. And for a more practical reason, you would spend most of your time discovering the outside world anyway and you just need a bed to stay. So what really happens in a bed bunking scene? How things are and how should you handle it?

Fact 1: Do not expect COMFORT. There are hostels that have private rooms and dorm rooms. But though you have your own room, you will be sharing the comfort room with other guests. TIP: If you’re the type who doesn’t want to be bothered while doing your thing in the comfort room, do it during the wee hours of the morning when everyone’s asleep. Same with taking a shower, if you’re the type who doesn’t want to rush it, do it while others are already out in the morning. BUT, if it’s rush hour please also be mindful of other travelers waiting on the line for you.

Fact 2: Do not expect PRIVACY. Some hostels have dorm rooms with bed bunks. If you will go out at night to get drunk and would come late, make sure that you don’t mess up with other people who are already sleeping. Just go to your bed soundly and sleep. Puking drunken travelers should sleep at the comfort room.

Fact 3: Wash your own dishes. You will be sharing the kitchen. You might have midnight snack of have a cup of coffee in the morning, make sure you clean your own dishes and clean the tables.

Fact 4: You will have limited space. But please do not put your things on any other bed, other than the one that’s assigned to you.

Fact 5: Keep it clean: the room, the comfort room, the kitchen and the common area because you are sharing this with other people.

Tip 1: Bring waterproof pouch with handle to put your bathing necessities on. Some hostels don’t have trays where you can put it in. This pouch you can hang on a hook instead.

Tip 2: Light should be dimmed during the sleeping hours. You may bring your headlamp in case you want to read a book on your bed.

Tip 3: If you’re not the type who doesn’t want sharing eating utensils, you may bring your own. Mug specially, if you’re a tea/coffee drinker (like me).

Tip 4: BE FRIENDLY. You don’t know how interesting these other travelers are. You can learn from their stories and they would with yours too. Never be selfish to share your smile and help. They might be needing it badly. Who knows, this could be a start of a good friendship.


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