Disappointing facts about Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas

Apologies for not being able to write about this sooner than I should tell my fellow travelers as I was busy with work and I had no time to write the past weeks.

So here it goes and I’m sorry that I would be a devil’s advocate this time.

I went to Padre Burgos in Quezon with friends last March to enjoy summer and soak up in the sun. This was my second time in Dampalitan so we decided to stay and camp there for a night. Though there were already groups when we arrived, they were courteous enough for all of us to enjoy a peaceful and quiet beach. Some has changed after a year of not visiting the place; the small store is now selling halo-halo, ice and cooked rice which I don’t have anything against as that’s a little something where they could get their money from. These locals are able to maintain the cleanliness of the beach and I see that they take care of their place. At night, the moon shines peacefully with gazillion of stars entertain us. Lying on the beach we watched the constellations and lights of the fishermen boats far in the horizon, the next thing we know, we were waking up for the sunrise and early dip on the beach.

The second day was a good sunny day to visit some other islands around. Our boat fetched us after breakfast. I haven’t been to Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas yet, so I asked the boatman to bring us there first. I have read a lot of blogs about this place and all talked about the beauty and solemnity of the place.

When I saw the red and white tower, I thought this is it. This is what I saw on the photos. We’re near and I was more than excited to see the place. About 200m from the shore, I couldn’t notice how white the sand was because it’s…..peopled!!! Tents pitched along the shore, groups of people hanging out and kids and adults enjoying the water. I consider myself friendly and not that I didn’t want to socialize but the beach couldn’t contain the number of people there that day. I was a bit disappointed but I still decided to check out the beach and see the cave at the end of the island. As soon as I set my left foot on the sand, a lady approached us and said we need to pay 50 pesos as an entrance fee. 50 pesos for just walking along the beach??? Do you have golden sand for you to charge that expensive?? I thought. We wouldn’t want to argue so we paid. The beach isn’t safe for swimming as the boatman told us there are a lot of jellyfish that season. The cave is even peopled and filled with vandalism in all fonts and sizes.

The bloggers I read probably had some nice time here but I left the island disappointed. We took off and headed to Borawan.

They said Kwebang Lampas is a private beach. Charging that much is okay as long as we see the efforts in maintaining the cleanliness of the place. That effort I didn’t see in whoever owns that beach. And to those irresponsible travelers who go there, do you think writing your name on the rocks inside the cave is one heroic act?? Oh so you might be thinking, you and your friends name written on the rocks could be a tourist attraction which would invite more people to go there?? The answer is a big NO! It would brush them off. And when you realize vandalism is wrong and you regret writing I Love You ____ because you don’t love the person anymore, can you go back and erase it or better yet replace the huge rocks that were there for millions of years? Well, I wish you know the answer.

To positively end this post, let me share one of our sunset shots in Dampalitan, good vibes!


14 thoughts on “Disappointing facts about Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas

  1. I’m surprised about the crowd during your visit. I guess we we’re very lucky that when we stayed there for two nights last Dec 2012 to take prenup photos, the cove is a picture of serenity. We were the only campers. I couldn’t agree more on people who vandalize the cave, it also annoys me so much. 😦 another thing that annoys me is the cretakers charging Php50 per pail of water. That’s very unreasonable. They say they are using boats to get water from Brgy. Bantigue but I just don’t buy it. I believe, there will be a nearer source to get fresh water considering the place is a cove and not an island. Also, thinking about the php150/night fee they are charging, I don’t see any reasons why they can’t construct water pumps in the vicinity to make it easier for them and their guests to havr access to fresh water.

    1. wow! pre-nup at the beach, i’m sure you had some nice photos there! Congratulations! 🙂 It’s good that it’s off-peak when you had your pre-nup.

      I assume that with social networking; blogs/photos talking about that place, and with it’s accessibility from Metro Manila, more people decided on visiting that place this summer — and the owner is taking advantage of it.

  2. Please be informed Kwebank Lampas is no longer excepting overnight stays. We will be renovating the resort. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you. We hope to see you soon at our new and improved overnight facilities.

    1. hi. do you happen to know if there are hotels near puting buhangin? we would like to go this august 27 for our team building. thanks

  3. Dear its 80php now…how disappointing right?! Maybe its ok if their facilites are good as borawan but its not!

  4. Ive been there this last weekend… Place is good pero ang SUNGIT ng mga caretaker.. Parang naniningil sila ng renta ng apartment once na dumating ka sa beach (no greetings from anyone) Tapos liligo ako first thing she said is 50 BAYAD MUNA.. buo ba yan? (in not so nice way) wtf.. Then i was washing some stuff in the shore.. A girl came and said Bawal maghugas jan dudumi daw ang dagat.. Wtf hindi namn ako barko na nag oil spill… Tapos sinisigawan nya yung isang bangkero bakit daw andun sila sa isla nila mga bisita nila yun wag nilang kunin.. (pede namn magapproach in nice way) sorry but its based on our experience..

  5. We went there yesterday and we’re really disappointed!

    How can they charge the water for 50 pesos when it should be included on the entrance fee.
    The CR, they are charging 2 pesos for no.1 and 5 pesos for no.2.
    Why does a need of charging when the CR’s are not properly maintained, and some are clogged. And because of that, some girls threw sanitary napkins in the beach. omg. so gross.

    The transportation fee for the boat is expensive also.
    1st boat i think it’s 60 pesos back and forth, so we thought it’s ok since it’s their business, but on the 2nd boat, a whopping 300 pesos, not sure if it’s per head. But my friend heard, they charged 160 pesos per head for a group who came yesterday morning. And they asked, how they’ll get back to the parking without transferring through boat, he heard that the boatman says, “bahala na kayo”.

    They do not know the meaning of hospitality.

    The tent for 2 pax is worth 400 and if you damaged it, you’ll pay for the whole tent, hahaha. Because we woke up hearing annoying fight from the management and the renter, haha…

    If you forgot your pot for cooking, then, you are really unlucky, because they charged us 60 pesos per kilo of rice, not to mention, we brought the uncooked rice, so it is really for the rent of pot. We asked them to cook 2 kilos, so it is 120 pesos. This is really inhumane.

    I do not suggest people to visit this place. This is the worst trip I have ever encountered.

    We’d rather go back to Magalawa Island in Zambales, that i’ll suggest. The people are hospitable, the beach is nice, the food is perfect! 🙂

  6. It’s 160 for overnight, 25 per head for the boat at polo. 50 for the gallon of fresh water. 30 for the small blocks of ice. So if you’re going there be sure to bring all the things you need. They are charging everything in not so fair prices. The girl/lady at the counter or their office or store whatever, is so not friendly, not a kind of a person to talk with, no sense of humor and she makes you feel that she didn’t want you to stay there. The most disappointing is their CR’s. During the day some man petch the water at the sea to use to flush the toilet but during the night no one petch the water. So with so many people using the toilet just imagine the horror your going through to use it. Very disgusting!

  7. dear ravellers,

    now is very expensive, unlike before that it is under the management of lukang family…. expensive?
    maybe because the caretaker and the supervisor of ex gov Rodriguez want to become rich as faster as they can.

    and to the PDC management,, i am sure there will be no renovation to happen… isip-isip….

  8. hi there! any one who recently visited kwebang lampas? did the management improve their facilities already? we intend to visit the place in May 21-22 under a travel agency.

    1. Hi Mags, i never went back there since this post. I saw friends on facebook who wen there recently and it looks the same, not sure of the management though. I hope you enjoy your trip! ☺️

      1. We just went there last Sunday. Yung caretaker nila na magkakamuka sobrang susungit. Worst experience pa eh lutang si ate pinagbayaran namen ng mga kung anong fee nila at di nya naintindihan yung gusto naming tent instead na 3 x tent na good for two each eh nilagay nya 1 x tent na good for 4 at 1 x tent na good for two. Kinuha nila yung buong binayad namen ng walang pag eexplain kung ano ung mga nilista nila na fee. Pagdating sa island, sinabi namin yung nangyari. Pinag antay pa kami kasi akala namin iveverify yung binayad pero ayun pala sisigawan lang kami na magdagdag na lang daw kami ulit “bayaran nyo na lang para walang problema”. WTF diba? BInayaran namen is 185 per head para sa overnight fee at para sa first boat then 300 each para sa tent. Yung mga bangkero pa, nakakaloka nag alok ng sand bar eh alam naman pala nila yung oras na nakalitaw yung at lubog. Nagpresyo pa sila ng 1K pero wala kaming sand bar na inabutan. The good thing lang is, maganda pa din yung dagat pero yung paligid di pa din naiimprove at di malinis kahit lahat na lang dun may bayad at overpriced.

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