Borawan Island: the Padre Burgos adventure continues

Borawan Island is just 10-15mins boat ride from Dampalitan Beach in Padre Burgos and also part of the Bondoc Peninsula.

This is a side-trip after an overnight experience in Dampalitan Beach. As we go near its shore, it gave me a hint of Banol Beach in Coron, Palawan. Rocky cliffs, white sand, clear waters and boulders justify the comparison. Those who are into rock climbing/bouldering would find this place a haven. The beach bummers however would probably be disappointed. The sand is not as fine as Boracay and the beach is narrow than the usual beaches. Like Dampalitan, this island is still undeveloped; no electricity, no fresh water source, no fancy accommodations. Compared to Dampalitan, the water is a bit rough as Borawant faces the China Sea.

Though I have unfortunately forgotten to bring my rock shoes which I left in our tent, Wowoo and I still tried bouldering; could have been great if there are ropes set up to climb it.

Thinking of camping here?

Not to discourage you but I just want to share what our boatman told us. He said there was an instance where a group of ladies stayed here and planned to camp overnight, pitched their tents and bum. Before nightfall a group of drunken men came to their worry. They immediately called their boatman to pick them up. Good thing the island is just 10-15mins away from the jump-off. I know and I definitely agree that we get real adventure if we take risk but still, let safety be our no. 1 priority. If you’re travelling in large groups, well and good but for a small all-girl group of campers, please consider camping in Dampalitan instead.

This post is also a shout out to the Department of Tourism in Quezon Province and local government officials in Padre Burgos. The beauty of the place is now widely spread on the web and social media sites. More and more tourists are getting interest to visit it. This assumes more business opportunities for the locals but I just hope that the local government seriously considers the security of these travelers.

For directions on how to get to Borawan Island, you may check my post Dampalitan Beach: a tropical simplicity


4 thoughts on “Borawan Island: the Padre Burgos adventure continues

    1. Hi Rizzel 😊. No it’s not yet developed. There’s still no resorts and electricity on the island but the last time I went there this year they have built 4-5 nipa huts along the beach. ☺

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