Dampalitan Beach: a tropical simplicity

Here in the Philippines, when the calendar is flipped to the month of March, almost everyone pictures a white sandy beach, turquoise seas, island hopping, colorful flip flops and girls in bikinis, sexy tan and festivities, etcetera. Though it may look like every day is summer here, as this is one of the tropical countries in Asia, the real summer season which starts in March and ends in May is really something that Filipinos and tourists look forward to.

This 2012, I, with my boyfriend Wowoo and friend Carla welcomed summer in Dampalitan Beach in Padre Burgos Quezon. It is located in Bondoc Peninsula just east of Lucena City, the capital of Quezon.

After a total of butt-numbing 5 hour bus trip from Alabang, we arrived at 3pm in Baranggay Marao where we rented a boat to Dampalitan Beach. In 10 mins, the boat turned left on a cove where a stretch of white sandy beach greeted us. The view suddenly reminded me of Anawangin and Nagsasa Coves in Zambales. There were hammocks hung from the tall evergreen pines trees lined on the beach. Some cottages can also be seen completing that tropical ambiance.

Dampalitan is an undeveloped beach (and I hope would never be) privately owned by a businessman. The caretaker and her family live there to maintain it. There are four native residential houses, few nipa hut and tables available for rent.

We pitched our tents immediately, giving enough time for us to witness the sunset…and voila! The sun, like a great big romantic fire in the sky started to descend gracefully to the mountain slopes from afar. It zipped my mouth for a while, the colors and intensity of light was enough to calm myself – then I thought here I go again, silenced by the beautiful sunset which never failed to amaze me.

These nature’s surprises didn’t end with that beautiful sunset. While having our sumptuous sinigang na tuna and steamed rice for dinner, the magnificent moon started to show off giving light in the darkness of the night. The moon never left us. In fact, when I unzipped my tent the next morning, she greeted me with a picturesque beauty of gleaming sphere elegantly quieting down with its light mirroring on the calm sea – ahhh! Mornings in paradise that’s not worth by a month salary at work.

But though Dampalitan impressed me with those wonderful encounters with nature, it is worthy to note for the travellers that swimming can be a bit dangerous as sea urchins were scattered as close as two to three meters from the shore. I advise everyone to be careful. If you’re planning on waking up late the next morning, do not pitch your tent near the residential houses as they wake up early and can be really noisy it would wake you up.


  • Cellphone signal for all networks is available.
  • No electricity. Your lamps and flashlights would be helpful.
  • There are mosquitoes at night. It is essential to bring insect repellent and mosquito net (in case you will be renting a cottage)
  • There is a comfort room but don’t expect for a flushing toilet.
  • There is one sari-sari store (small convenient store) that sells your basic needs.
  • Clean water for washing/bathing can be bought at the sari-sari store for 30 pesos per gallon.
  • If you ran out of booze, Emperador Brandy can be bought from thesari-sari store. Just drink moderately Ü
  • For accommodation, either you bring your own tent and pay 150 pesos or rent a cottage for 700 pesos.
  • Since this is beach camping, you/group need to bring the basic camping necessities ; stove, cookset, eating utensils

How to get to Dampalitan Beach? Here’s how with the detailed summary of expenses and travel duration:

NOTE: Food and drinks are not included on the calculation. What we did was, we brought canned goods and booze in the island. You can buy canned goods at the Vista Playa store before riding the boat to Dampalitan.


You may contact Ate Mercy, the beach’s caretaker at mobile no. 09195306590.

Who would have thought that you could spend less than 1k for a beach getaway? Well, here’s your proof. Now it’s your time to spread the word. Enjoy! =)


19 thoughts on “Dampalitan Beach: a tropical simplicity

    1. Hi Rannie – thanks for your comment =) The night we were there, the locals set up a bon fire using pieces of wood left from making a boat. So yes, you can set up a bon fire =) I would however suggest to set it up properly to preserve the beach. As far as bonfires go, you may use big metal cans and fill it with cut wood and branches.

      I hope you guys have a great stay in Dampalitan! =)

  1. Hi Ms. Gail! My Girlfriend and I are planning to go there at Dampalitan Beach to camp this Saturday, July 7, 2012 for her birthday. Is it only Php. 150 for the overnight rental of the tent? 🙂 and is there a fee for the overnight stay as well? 🙂 Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Gico 😊 150php is just for pitching tent that includes your overnight stay. We used our own tent and I don’t think they have tent for rent. You might want to contact 0919-5306590 to check if they already have tents for rent now.If non then you could take the nipa hut for 700 pesos for an overnight stay =]

    1. Hi Mat =) they don’t have cold drinks and ice at the sari-sari store. Instead, you can bring a cooler and buy at the port before going to the island, boatride is just 10-15mins anyway. Enjoy your time there! =)

  2. hi.. just wanna let u know that because of ur blog i was able to go there with no problem last Oct 1… this is very detailed in evry way. we didnt need to ask for anything from anyone anymore. thank you because of this i was able to enjoy Dampalitan1

    1. Great to hear you enjoyed Dampalitan Cherry! And it’s my pleasure that my blog was able to help you in your trip. Cheers to that! Safe journeys =)

      1. Nagpunta rin po ba keo ng puting buhangin?? Magkano po kea rent ng boat pag 3 islands..borawan,dampalitan and puting buhangin… May extra fee ba sa boat pag ng overnight ka kase babalikan k pa nila the nxt day db?

      2. Hi Jerome, di kami nakapunta sa Puting Buhangin..kulang sa time but the boatman said it’s 30mins to an hour going there from Dampalitan and the boat price is 1500 for all 3 islands (dampalitan, borawan and puting buhangin) Our boatman didn’t ask naman extra fee when i asked him to go back kase lapit lng naman talaga yung port =)

      1. Greetings to you both, I hope u dont mind Ms. Gail that I add that when we stayed there the urchins weren’t of any problem to us. the jelly fish is the one that lessened our enjoyment. though it might just be during our stay. 🙂

      2. We were warned by the caretaker to be careful with the sea urchins but luckily we didn’t get to see one. Thanks for sharing Rannie. I hope none from your group was hurt though.

        Safe journeys! =)

    1. Hi Jepay! I noticed some parking space at Vista Aplaya, the store where you’ll get the boat to Dampalitan. There are also houses with spacious front yards. I think they would allow you to park there. 😉

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