Romanticize with Nature this Valentine’s Day

14 days to go before Valentine’s Day!

Some may have already booked their romantic getaway or reserved a candle light dinner in a fancy hotel and most are still undecided on how they will celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. Thinking of a gift to give to your partner may even be a rocket science.

I got one suggestion.

You may or may not like it, but it’s a suggestion anyway. You have the right to shrug it off or take it and enjoy the most unique date you have ever been to Ü

Go climb Mt. Gulugod Baboy on February 14!

Okay, so you say:

“I/we haven’t climbed a mountain before and this could be so strenuous for us.”  – Mt. Gulugod Baboy only stands at 525 MASL (meters above sea level). Difficulty is 2/9 which means this is a minor climb/fun climb.

“We’re not into outdoor activities like this.” – shouldn’t this be the best time to experience it with your partner? Doing something like this the first time and treasure the experience forever? There’s no harm in trying anyway, right?

“What makes this date unique?” – your typical date in the city would be spending 2-3 hours watching a movie (which you can also do at home), then dinner after (which you do every weekend with your partner), then probably enjoy a cup of coffee or sweets before going home. Some may spend the wee hours clubbing and drinking in a noisy and peopled bar (everyone’s out on a date, what do you expect). Having a date in the mountains brings you closer to nature. Reminisce the day you have met while lying on the grass and watching the clouds hover. Share your childhood stories while waiting for the sunset. Talk about your future plans while you both enjoy the fresh, sweet, mountain breeze. If you’re planning to go on an overnight trip, dance under the moonlight or just lie down and mystify yourselves with the evening sky.

Not yet convinced? Hmm… you’re really testing my convincing powers huh?!

There is a side trip after climbing Mt. Gulugod Baboy, you may opt to scuba dive  in Sombrero Island or snorkel in Anilao. Enjoying the outdoors together strengthens the bond that can only be found with nature. You will understand this more when you experience it to yourself.

And one last thing, my boyfriend and I had our Valentine’s Date there last year. We had a great time and this is a way for me to share that adventure.


Via private transpo
1.        Take the South Luzon Expressway and drive straight to Star Tollway
2.        Exit Balagtas and turn right to Batangas – Bauan Provincial Road.
3.        Drive straight to Bauan – Mabini National Road (Philpan Resort is on the right side)

Via commute
1.        Take a bus going to Batangas Pier (140 pesos)
2.        Ask the conductor to drop you off the jeepney terminal in Diversion Road
3.        Take a jeepney to Mabini (20-30 pesos each) sometimes there are jeeps that travels direct to Anilao
4.        Get off Anilao. You have an option to take a tricycle to Philpan but it’s expensive (300 pesos). It’s more practical to take a jeepney to Ligaya and ask the driver to drop you off Philpan Resort (30-30 pesos each)

Still skeptical about all these? Then, I’ll let the photos do the talking.

morning dews trapped in a cobweb (view along the trail)
the meadow-y trail
the vast camping ground
the amazing sunrise
the mystical moonlight
the exquisite sunset
the breathtaking ocean view

4 thoughts on “Romanticize with Nature this Valentine’s Day

  1. sounds like a fantastic valentine’s day date! too bad i live in sweden… but, you’ve inspired me to find a way to spend some creative, organic, quality time with my love. perhaps i’ll do a post about it afterwards! thanks for sharing!!

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