Know your travel behavior from the Chinese Lunar Calendar

The year 2011 has given me a lot of opportunities in life, at work and in travel. This year, I was able to “travel and get paid for” which was on my bucket list. I had it CHECKED!

So, earlier, out of curiosity, I browsed the net for 2012 fashion trends, hair styles and even horoscopes. And though I do not really believe in horoscopes, it’s just quite interesting to see what 2012 holds for us; economy, technology, politics, festivities, travel forecasts and destinations, etc. Then I learned that 2012 is year of the dragon. I have found out that the Chinese Astrology: Year of the Animals also describes what kind of traveler you are based on the animal that represents your year of birth. Interesting huh?! Ü

I was born in the year of the Rat and it’s fascinating to find out that the predictions for a Rat traveler is so me.

Find yours too! Ü

I gathered all the information and came up to this summary:

The RAT on a vacation

Travel delights the Rat personality and ignites his curiosity. Sunbathing is not the ideal way for a Rat to spend his vacation. Rats are adventurers. They want to explore, examine, visit and party during their time off. They want to try new foods, find new sights and experience the culture of the area they are visiting. And, of course, if they can come home with an exotic souvenir to add to their collection their vacation will have been an instant success.

The OX on a vacation

Actually, Oxen are homebodies, preferring the lure of the sofa or the garden to extravagant vacations far away from home. They are very happy just staying at home, spending their summer vacations catching up with the hobbies and pastimes that their workloads have prevented them from taking on previously. Whether they are planting flower beds, or enjoying a sunset on their newly-built front porch, it is all quite satisfying to them. If they do decide to take a trip, you can bet they’ll head for the hills to do some hiking or rock climbing.

The TIGER on a vacation

Tigers like to live on the edge, to travel long distances conquering thrills and fears along the way. Never the homebody, Tigers prefer activity and excitement to relaxing days by the ocean reading a good book. They leave on a whim and return when they are ready to plan their next vacation. Action-filled getaways are sure to get a Tiger away for a long time!

The Rabbit on a vacation

Rabbits love to indulge in different cultures and spend a lot of their lifetimes trying to find inner peace. Sensitive and careful by nature they would be just as happy shopping for hidden treasures at the local flea market or yard sale to display in their delicately decorated homes. Rabbits tend to want to travel to traditional places such as Europe and Asia when they have time off. In addition, taking a course to release their creative energies such as photography or instrument lessons would make the Rabbit feel well-rounded and accomplished.

The DRAGON on a vacation

Dragons are attracted by the bizarre. No self-respecting Dragon desires to walk in a tourist’s footsteps. Instead, they take a lot of gratification in finding hidden destinations, or, closer to home, locations off the beaten track. But Dragons also need thrills, which they might find by taking an unplanned winter break to go skiing or a spontaneous rock climbing trip in the spring. They may even test their bravery by daring to ride the highest roller coaster in the world. Dragons are also sentimental at heart, so conquering their childhood haunts, or taking a second honeymoon would bring immense pleasure too.

The SNAKE on a vacation

Snakes love to vacation. They get a great deal of pleasure out of just being lazy. And they love luxurious things, often spending their money on material desires they probably don’t need. When a Snake goes on vacation, he really goes on vacation. Fancy restaurants, expensive health clubs and spas, anything in which they can fully indulge themselves. Their getaways must be fully equipped to pamper their every want, or the Snake will become stressed.

The HORSE on a vacation

People born in the Year of the Horse enjoy traveling. They like to take off spontaneously. Horses like to take active vacations, preferring to camp, ski and hike rather than to sit on the beach in the sun all day. Their getaways usually include a cultural event such as a musical or a festival, as Horses like to be entertained.

The SHEEP on a vacation

As Sheep find safety in numbers, they also like to travel with other people. Sheep enjoy guided tours of artistic places like museums, gardens or theaters. They are also drawn to water and thus enjoy vacationing at the beach or on a cruise.

The MONKEY on a vacation

Monkey people love taking so much that they need to be surrounded by people constantly. For vacations they are drawn to the hot spots, nightclubs, bars and big city lights. A Monkey’s luck may encourage him to try his hand somewhere like Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

The ROOSTER on a vacation

The appearance-oriented Rooster must go to all the cool, fashionable places when traveling. These people take pride in knowing all of the latest trends in hair, makeup and fashion. They like to spend their money in exclusive department stores where they oooh and ahh over the expensive merchandise. However, the Rooster is also capable of spending a vacation relaxing, as long as it’s in a five-star hotel with gourmet food and wine.

The DOG on a vacation

These people are people watchers. They are content watching different people walk by, listening to their conversations, watching their reactions. Dogs would enjoy a vacation with the entire family more than a romantic getaway. In this situation, Dogs are sure to make everyone happy by incorporating everybody’s tastes and ideas into each thing they do together.

The PIG on a vacation

As much as Pigs love food they would truly enjoy a culinary experience on vacation. When traveling they tend to dine at the finest restaurants, eat the richest chocolate and drink the most expensive champagne. In addition, their natures to be relaxed and laid back would lead them to an easygoing vacation somewhere on an island or in a resort where they can hang out and be completely taken care of.



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