Thai Fusion Cafe brings Thailand to the Philippines

Wowoo and I are looking forward to our Vietnam – Cambodia – Thailand backpacking trip next year. After attending church this Sunday, we thought of having our dinner in a Thai restaurant to get ourselves ready with some spicy Thai cuisine.

We drove around BF Paranaque and came across Thai Fusion Cafe in Aguirre Avenue. Thai Fusion Cafe is just across Miracle Spa and Rodeo Spa. There are  tables outside for smokers and there are 5-10 tables inside. The place is quite small but I prefer that rather than big, crowded and noisy restaurants. In this restaurant, they play Thai music adding charm to its ambiance.

We got our orders in no time — Fish Green Curry, Chicken Fried Rice and Takoh for dessert. All orders are good for 2 persons. I love their curry. Unlike other Thai restaurants, they sometimes modify their menu to make it appealing to those Filipinos who are not that adventurous with food. Thai Fusion Cafe sticks to its original recipes and brings out the original taste of Thailand cuisine.

Their green tea with milk adds to my Thailand experience. Gulp! Gulp! Gulp! =)

Their main courses are ranging from 170 Php – 250 Php, drinks ranging from 60Php – 90Php. The price is reasonable for that great food.

Before we left, we were able to talk to Don, the cafe’s owner. He’s very friendly,always has a warm smile on his face. I’m sure he’ll thrive in this business because of that. I told him that the food was great and mentioned that I’m looking forward to be in Thailand next year. He rushed to the cashier’s area, got these maps and tour  guide books of Thailand and gave it to me. He also gave us tips on where to eat when we go to Thailand. He’s such a good guy!

Wowoo and I went home with smile our faces and happy tummies. We’ll surely go back with our friends.

Can’t wait to taste more food on the menu! =)

sipping their delicious green tea with milk =)

One thought on “Thai Fusion Cafe brings Thailand to the Philippines

  1. Good day! i’m at work currently so i didn’t have the time to read all of the post, however i do enjoy the stuff i read and i’ll read a little more at the web site when i get back home.. Got a a bounch of stuff to complete at work =) do you happen to have an account on facebook? 🙂 Regards, resor till afrika

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