What’s my travel type?

My traveler type: THRILLSEEKER!

You would never be found lounging pool-side at a tropical resort, no sir. For you, travel is all about thrills and spills and seeing how a country can really get your heart pounding. It’s about tackling crashing rapids, getting eye-to-eye with sharks, scaling cliffs and generally laughing in the face of gravity. You don’t believe in taking it easy, you believe in pushing it to the next level. So let’s go!

Says the Lonely Planet Quiz i took earlier.

This is very true for me. I’m not a fan of a laid back travel. I love discovering something new, venturing where no one has ever gone before, pushing my body to its limits in the harshest natural environment or having to adapt physically and mentally to the demands of an alien culture, these moments bring myself into focus like nothing else. =)


One thought on “What’s my travel type?

  1. Me, too — when I was younger. And while I still look for the thrills, I now have to do them within my limitations. A big example is going from white-water rafting to canoeing and skiing to bird-watching. Thankfully, the slower pace, and time to realy look at things, has found its own adrenalin reward. I say keep pushing for as long as you can, just know that life doesn’t end when the big thrills do.

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