Christmas Gift Ideas for Backpackers

It’s the Christmas Season once again. Most are completing their Christmas list and some have already completed their gifts.
Here are some gift ideas for your friends who share the same passion for backpacking/travelling/camping.

1.        Passport Holder – Not only this looks cool but this can well protect the passport  from dog ears or scratches from sharp edges inside your bag.

2.        Mini Notebook – for travelers who blog/write at the same time, this is very important especially if they’re traveling in a foreign land where it’s hard to remember the street names or names of all exotic food on the menu.

3.        Inflatable Neck Pillow – There are trips where you need to spend most of their time inside a plane, an old bus, a jam-packed train or on a boat – sometimes this is the only precious time for sleep. Make a good sleep possible by giving this inflatable neck pillow — a good travelling companion. This can also be used during camping or mountaineering.

4.        Swiss Army Knife – this multi-tool pocket knife is a very helpful tool for mountaineers/campers. This is a combination of all useful tool including tweezers, corkscrew, can opener, bottle opener, toothpick, screwdriver(s), nail file, scissors etc.

5.        Nalgene Water Bottle – Nalgene remains one of the most popular bottle brands today, as its durable and eco-friendly line of bottles are a great choice for hikes, the gym or daily use. It come in different sizes and colors. You may even want it glowing in the dark =)

Well, these are the products which are easy on the budget.

If you would ask the BEST gift to a friend or a family member who loves to travel – then I should say PLANE TICKETS!!!

Happy holidays wanderers!!!


8 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas for Backpackers

    1. One of my friend had his swiss army knife confiscated at the airport before. But my experience was different. When I went to Palawan, Philippines I had my swiss army knife with me and put it with my keys like a keychain. Then I’ve put it in my backpack’s topload (check-in baggage).

      I guess the airport officers didn’t notice it. =) I was even able to bring it back from the trip. =)

  1. I have no idea what i want for christmas. This has put some things on my list – as a first time backpacker i have nothing apart from a backpack as of yet. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. The Nalgene Water Bottle would be cool for camping. I have been looking for some camping things for my husband for Valentine’s Day since it is time to start thinking about that. We go camping all the time in the summer, so I thought about getting him the Tailgater through DISH Network. I have had them as a long time provider, I recently started working for them, and the Tailgater looks cool. It is a portable Satellite that you can take with you and since my husband loves watching the news at night I thought it would be a great gift. Looking at this list I have to really think about what I am going to get him. There is so much you can get when it comes to camping.

  3. love the idea of nalgene water bottle, one good thing for Christmas gift also is a bag, saw a lot of good bags at tripologie yesterday

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