Backpacker’s Hotseat: Journeying James

James is one of the best Filipino travel bloggers I know. In his blog, Journeying James, he shares his inspiring and infectious backpacking stories which will have you squeeze all your adventure juices and challenge your intrepidness to experience his kind of adventure yourself. He travels the cheapest way possible and never been selfish on … More Backpacker’s Hotseat: Journeying James

Thai Fusion Cafe brings Thailand to the Philippines

Wowoo and I are looking forward to our Vietnam – Cambodia – Thailand backpacking trip next year. After attending church this Sunday, we thought of having our dinner in a Thai restaurant to get ourselves ready with some spicy Thai cuisine. We drove around BF Paranaque and came across Thai Fusion Cafe in Aguirre Avenue. … More Thai Fusion Cafe brings Thailand to the Philippines

What’s my travel type?

My traveler type: THRILLSEEKER! You would never be found lounging pool-side at a tropical resort, no sir. For you, travel is all about thrills and spills and seeing how a country can really get your heart pounding. It’s about tackling crashing rapids, getting eye-to-eye with sharks, scaling cliffs and generally laughing in the face of … More What’s my travel type?