Calamianes Islands: the calm after the storm

Typhoon Ramon has passed, boats were allowed to sail and the weather’s perfect without any marks of the signal no. 1 typhoon that has hit the town. With our backpacks and a bag of food bought from the market, Wowoo and I considered ourselves ready to explore the adventures that Calamianes has to offer.

The Calamianes Island Group has 128 islands making up the northernmost group of islands inPalawan, rich with natural treasures. This is a serious coral country framed in a tropical paradise. Exploring this realm by a motorized banca reveals a majestic world boasting with beauty and mystery.

Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake – We were sailing for 15 minutes from Coron port with Mang Aning our boatman and his son Marvin. On a distance were green mountains and jagged-edge lime stones. The boat continues to sail on a large flat expanse of water, corals underneath and turquoise to dark blue water as it reflects the calm blue sky. We passed a narrow entry between limestone islands, the boat sailed inside a cove, a sanctuary I should say. We anchored beside other boats that arrived before us.  The 5-1o minute walk up and down the hill brought us to theKayanganLake. There were already groups of people snorkelliing and hanging out on the wooden planks built beside the lake. White and yellow butterflies flew around greeting their visitors. Birds flew above shadowing the waters. We enjoyed its serenity before moving to the next island. (200 pesos entrance fee to the island)

bouldering in Banol Beach

Banol Beach – groups of people lodged up in the bamboo sheds on the beach having their lunch, snorkelling, chatting. Wowoo and I grabbed our rock shoes as we saw these boulders beside the beach. The rock was good but most with sharp edges. We needed to be very careful as we traverse on the rocks. We had bouldering since our feet hurt from the sands that got inside our shoes. (100 pesos entrance fee to the island)

yellow flower that fell on the calm waters of Twin Lagoon

Twin Lagoon – here the corals are colourful than the ones in Kayangan Lake. There’s a small entry to pass through the other lagoon. You can swim underneath or work up the wooden stairs above it. The other part of the lagoon was evidently deeper. It has bluish water than that of the first lagoon. It reminds me of the movie “The Beach” .Its a mystic blue lake in towering lime stone cliffs, an echo valley, and a silent asylum. (100 entrance fee)

colourful fishes and corals at Siete Picados

Siete Picados – Siete Picados or “seven deadly sins” is a protected marine park. The park contains shallow reef systems enjoying the daily visitation of snorkelers. Mooring buoys have been installed with crawl lines in between so that even non-swimmers can snorkel above some vibrant and soft corals. We’re surrounded by a dazzling display of damsel fish. (100 entrance fee)

To hire a boat contact:

Dolores Basbas at cellphone number 09087293617. She’s friendly and she gives suggestions on the best islands to visit in Coron. A day of island hopping depends on the number of people. My boyfriend an I got a small boat for 1500.00 pesos/day excluding the entrance fees to the islands.

She also books tourist who are interested to have a tour in El Nido for 2200.00 pesos/pax.


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