Day Trip Surfing to LU for ONLY 1,600 Bucks

Surfing trips shouldn’t be expensive (well, as all other trips shouldn’t always be extravagant) Most people think that surfing is a luxurious hobby. That notion is maybe due to the fact that the sport originated from the overseas, Hawaii and Polynesia. Based from some research, in the sixties, surfers enjoyed the majestic waves of the Philippines surfing sites and destinations. But they are not yet popular because Philippines surf sites are only known to travelers who adventured and hopped from one island to the other.

We have 8 surfing spots in the Philippines.

1.  Baler, Aurora Province. East Coast of Luzon
2. Catanduanes Island, East coast of Luzon
3. Daet, Camarines Norte, East coast of Luzon
4. San Juan, La Union, West Coast of Luzon
5. Samar, East coast of Samar and Leyte Islands
6. Siargao, Surigao del Norte, North East of Mindanao
7. Vigan, Ilocos Sur , West coast of Northern Luzon
8. Zambales, West Coast of Luzon

Zambales and La Union are ideal for weekend surfing escapades. La Union, the surfing capital in Luzon, is where most professional surfers, beginners and those surfing enthusiasts lurk. La Union is easily accessible and resorts are suited for budget travelers.

Surfing Season in La Union has two parts. From July to October, the waves are inconsistent and from November to February the waves are bigger and more consistent. It is also noted that 2 days after the typhoon, the waves are bigger and create more solid swell.

So to help you with your dream of a cheap and fun surfing trip, here’s my suggested day tour itinerary – the cheapest you can get.

@ 01:00 AM 
Take the 1AM Partas Trip bound to Laoag or Abra. One way ticket will cost you
470.00 pesos and the trip will take 6 hours. Tell the driver to drop you off San Juan Surfing spot in La Union. You’ll find yourself across Sebay Resort (the one with the biggest ad in the area) Walk towards it till you reach the beach front.

@ 06:00 AM 
You may have a cup of coffee at the Seanymph Suf Cafe, which will cost you 20.00 pesos or just walk along the shore with the dogs =) There is a lot of dogs there in the morning.

@ 07:00 AM 
From Seanymph Surf Cafe, walk to the beachfront and go further right and look for the Surfer’s Inn (my favorite place). You will not find any ads of the place. Just take the narrow walkway at the back of the lifeguard’s tower and look for Ate Leah. You may also contact her at mobile number 09183400135. She charges 150 pesos for leaving your things there (as you will be out whole day surfing) and shower. She charges 300 pesos for overnighters. This is a hostel, so expect to be using a common CR. She has two rooms at the second floor. One has 5 beds that can accommodate 10-15 and one with 2 beds that can accommodate 4-6 pax. During weekdays, you may be lucky to stay in the room alone =)

@ 09:00 AM
Ate Leah can get you surfer instructors and surf boards for rent. Surfer instructors charges 200 pesos per hour and surf board rental costs 200 per hour. If you’re staying the whole day you might want to rent the board for the costs of 700 pesos.

@ 09:30 AM 
You can start your whole day surfing! Yeay!

@ 11:00 AM or 12:00 depends on when you get hungry =) 
You can go back at Seanymph Restaurant. If you’re really on a budget, they cook canned food and instant noodles. They also serve rice.

@ 01:00 PM 
If you don’t want to get really burnt by the blasting mid-day sun, you have an option to go back to the Surfer’s Inn to get some rest.

@03:00 PM 
Go back to the beach and surf till sunset!!!

@05:00 PM 
Lie on the sand, talk to the locals while having a bottle of San Mig Light. Don’t drink too much though as you’ll be going back to Manila in 2 hours.

@07:00 PM
Prepare for the trip back to Manila. Partas bus bound to Pasay passes the street between 7:30 PM – 8:00 PM. If missed, you can ride a jeep to San Fernando and ask the driver to drop you off Partas terminal.

And your budget summary is…..dan dan dan dan!

Two- way bus ride                                             940.00
Surfer’s Inn                                                          150.00
Surf Board rental for an hour                       200.00
Instructor’s Fee for an hour                         200.00
Coffee                                                                        20.00
Lunch                                                                       50.00
Beer                                                                           35.00
TOTAL                                                                  1595.00 PHP

Cheap! Right?!

I’m sure you will enjoy the activity too. My last tip? Let me give you the contact numbers of my trusted instructors there:

Marlon “Mickey Boy” Nerida – a professional surfer and a local of LU. He’s the owner of the newly opened Surfbreak Cafe near Lola Nanny’s Resort. He also has surf boards for rent. Though he’s busy with his businesses, he still finds time to surf. Contact: 09273919797 / 09275256991. He changes his mobile number as frequent as he changes his board shorts. =) So if the numbers here are not working, you may email me at to get the updated one.

Kuya Anthony – well, until now I don’t know his last name. He’s Ate Leah’s husband, also a professional surfer and a local of LU. He also owns surf boards for rent. Contact: 09183400135

Lastly, don’t forget a sunblock! You don’t wanna get toasted much.

I hope I’ve helped you enjoy your surfing trip! =)

Party Wave!
surfer dude
Surfbreak Cafe owned by Mickey Boy and 2 of his friends


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