Day Trip Surfing to LU for ONLY 1,600 Bucks

Surfing trips shouldn’t be expensive (well, as all other trips shouldn’t always be extravagant) Most people think that surfing is a luxurious hobby. That notion is maybe due to the fact that the sport originated from the overseas, Hawaii and Polynesia. Based from some research, in the sixties, surfers enjoyed the majestic waves of the Philippines surfing … More Day Trip Surfing to LU for ONLY 1,600 Bucks

Loading your Backpack

When travelling, your backpack and everything inside it is your world. It’s your home away from home. It can either please you or frustrate you. That’s why you should meticulously choose what backpack fits you. But no matter how good you think you are when choosing a backpack, if you suck at packing, this may … More Loading your Backpack