Falling in Love with Bora

I have been to almost all the beautiful beaches in the Philippines but I still haven’t found anything that will beat Boracay’s long stretch of talcum white sand, turquoise seas and sexy summer breeze anytime of the year. I fell in love with the place since the first time I saw it. I know I’m not the only one who keeps on coming back just to have a dose of Bora as if it becomes a necessity to go to there at least once a year.

Why then I fell in love with the place?

First, I love the breathlessly-awesome-enchanting-beautiful beach! I’m not exaggerating. Its beach is really the island’s asset. The water nearest the shore has a pale blue color and it gets turquoise to deep blue toward the middle part of the sea. Charming!

Second, I love it for the unlimited selection of restaurants. The island is crowded with restaurants offering lots of food choices for your cravings. Surprisingly, I loved Bora even if it’s cramped with restaurants. I actually think it’s one of Bora’s many advantages, since it offers lots of food choices for tourists with various budgets. There are available restaurants for people who’d rather spend on activities than food, while other restaurants allow others to indulge in gourmet cuisine.

Third, I love it for the extraordinary atmosphere of independence and fun. Bora is one of the places where you’re sure to forget all your worries. This is a place for loners and groups. On daytime, there are a lot of activities to choose from: island hopping, diving, parasailing, snorkeling, ride the ATV, reef walking, etc. By sunset, you can do kayaking and just find your perfect spot on the beach and be under the spell of the amazing Boracay Sunset. At night, there are numerous bars you can choose from. As for me, I enjoy Bom Bom’s because of their Reggae Party. It’s a different kind of experience. You’ll find yourself dancing with multi-racial people you just met there and they don’t care who you are, what you do. You just have to be yourself, dance crazy if you want too. Shout out loud if that energizes you. Sing with the band if that satisfies you. Oh, I love that place!

Fourth, I love it for the massage by the beach. Before you leave, a massage by the beach is a must. This is a cheaper alternative to the hotel spas, and the masseuses by the beach employ the traditional Filipino massage, which is very relaxing. The beachside is the perfect place to unleash: the soothing sound of the waves and the cool breeze are perfect ingredients to that one-hour trip to nirvana.

Lastly, I love it because of what I call the “Boracay Bliss”! It’s hard to explain. You have to experience it yourself! *winks*


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