Macau: a far-flung corner of Portugal

I have seen and understood their history more.

The influence of Portuguese can be seen in all corners of Macau, but they can’t conceal the fact that this is still a Chinese land. It is true that you get to feel Portugal when you go to Macau. The infrastructures, the interiors and even some of the hotel employees who open the door for you are Portuguese. But when you go out to the streets the Chinese culture has never been erased.

These paradoxes made Macau more appealing to the eyes of the foreigners.

Macau is known for casinos, gambling, girls, and booze. Some even say it’s the city of dreams. I have appreciated and loved Macau for 4 reasons:

  1. You can get a stamp on your passport and pretend you’d gone abroad for just an hour ferry ride from Hongkong.
  2. It is an escape from an incessant jack-hammering and dusty sights in Hongkong
  3. A feel of Portugal here inAsia, and lastly
  4. The unforgettable taste of Portugues Egg Tart near Senado Square

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