Tasting the Portuguese Egg Tart

A walk on the streets near Senado Square Macau was like a walk in Divisora, Philippines: peopled, noisy and humid (well, depends on the weather). Inviting shops were lined up making you spend a lot of cash before you even get to your destination — the ruins of the St. Paul’s Cathedral.

One thing I noticed was the Macanese vendors shouting, inviting people to have a free taste of their food stuff like beef jerky, polvoron-looking-molded-nuts (for lack of better term) and Portuguese Egg Tart. I tried the polvoron-looking-molded nuts first which was not that sweet. Beef jerky next which was better than what I tasted in the Philippines. Then the Portuguese Egg Tart. Man! I didn’t know there’s this delicious tasting, mouthwatering, lip smacking tart ever cooked like this on earth!!! So instead of going to the St. Paul’s Cathedral, Wowoo and I just sat down the stairs and munch some egg tarts. Yum!

Don’t forget to taste the Portugese Egg Tart when you go to Macau, if you don’t you will simply miss 50% of your Macau experience.

This is one of the reasons why I’m planning to go back toMacau.

a Macanese lady making sweet nut delicacies
sweet and salty beef jerky
polvoron looking nuts
and finally, the delicious Portuguese Egg Tart!!!Nomnomnom!


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