Hot Coffee and Bright Mornings in Gutianshan

my nature TV

When a hot coffee, clear skies and breathtaking nature view were combined, it’s a blessing of a wonderful morning not to be missed. I got 11 wonderful mornings in Gutianshan.

I was with Team 22 of the HSBC and Earthwatch’s Climate Champions Programme in Gutianshan, Zhejiang Province, China. There were 14 of us in the team. The sweet girl Minah from Korea has been my room mate for 12 days. Gutianshan Villa is located in the middle of lush green mountainous forest which makes the hotel the best location to do our research as we get one with nature at the same time.

I had coffee sachets with me I brought from the Philippines. Mornings in China can really be cold even during their summer months. Before taking a shower I would boil water and go to our room veranda where I would always be entertained by a colorful view of the sky, trees, flowers and birds hovering above the hill. I would sit or stand there, breathe fresh air while drinking my hot coffee.

Watching this nature television is a great way to start the day.

free nature's show at the veranda

2 thoughts on “Hot Coffee and Bright Mornings in Gutianshan

  1. Enjoying your blog. Am considering doing the EarthWatch Gutianshan program. Do you recommend it? I speak English only. Would that be a problem? Keep blogging! -E

    1. Hello Ebenezer, I highly recommend attending the Earthwatch Programme. You’ll learn a lot about Climate Change and you’ll meet a lot of like-minded individuals from different parts of the world. I only speak English too and Tagalog which is my local language. I arrived at the Hangzhou airport alone and honestly communication is a challenge in China — most of the Chinese don’t understand and speak English. What I did was printed my hotel name and address in Chinese characters and show it to the taxi drivers. Set your mobile on roaming too. Start learning basic mandarin now before you go to Gutianshan, that’s a big help. There were challenges, yeah, but the knowledge and the experience was worth it. =)

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