Pampanga: First Time in Candaba

My friend Lani, invited us to their place in Candaba, Pampanga last February. Their family house is located at the heart of the town. It’s a big 2-storey Spanish-styled house just beside the St. Andrew Church. The house’s ground floor was transformed to the family business, the MARE Pharmacy.

Lani’s family is very hospitable. We were served with a lot food specialty in Candaba: “ebun buro” which means salted egg. Salted egg is usually red colored but these ones in Candaba are white. They also prepared this food called “buro”. Buro serves like a side dish and is like “bagoong” in other parts of the Philippines. Their sisig was a mix of pig’s ears and other parts of the pig’s face (by the way, it tasted great!) Carabao’s milk was served in the morning, I wasn’t able to try.

We woke up early the next morning and left the house at 5:00 AM to watch the birds in Candaba Swamp. Candaba Swamp is known as a sanctuary of various birds that escapes from China and Siberia during winter. These birds migrate here as the swamps are very fertile due to its humus and decaying vegetable residues. We’ve also see hundred of migrant wild ducks in the area. We’ve seen lots of birds in different colors and sizes. So sad I don’t have an SLR camera. I wasn’t able to zoom in and take a photo of these colorful birds. The tricycle driver mentioned that there was a threat of making Candaba Swamp a landfill. He said the local government didn’t permit the proposal. I admire the local government for that and the mayor or congressman, whoever declined that proposal.

Before we left the town, we were invited to Lani’s uncle’s house located two blocks away from theirs. It is a 2-stotey old Spaning-styled house that looks like the Malacanang of the North, only smaller. Inside the house were primitive interiors and fixtures. Being inside the house, sitting on the rocking chair, peeping through big windows brought us back to the Spanish era in the Philippines.

This was one of my chill-out weekend vacations. I was able to eat real-good food, breathe in fresh air, discover new places and spend time with my friends.

food galore
Candaba @ around 5am
welcoming sunrise @ 6am
leaning nipa hut in the middle of the vast field
see the birds on the grass tips?
like a scene from a movie Fly Away Home
inside the old Spanish-styled house



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