Vigan, Ilocos Sur: the Heritage Site

A trip to Vigan is something to do at least once in a lifetime. Especially for Filipinos and foreign nationals of Filipino descent. It is something to be proud of. The cultural influence of Spain is very apparent in the churches and other structures, the houses, the streets. But the Filipino psyche is still very apparent.

Vigan is one of the very few places I have gone to where I felt so at home, at peace and happy. The place evokes images of the Filipinos a long time ago, the houses of affluent Filipinos which can be seen everywhere you turn. I could imagine ladies walking around in their Maria Clara’s with a Spanish fan in one hand and a parasol on the other. And the gentlemen in their flimsy barong showing off to the ladies. And Filipino food that’s a mix between the Spanish cuisine and local delights. And “caratelas” filling the streets and the resounding clippety-clap as the horses pull their loads over cobbled streets.

Being in Vigan makes one proud to be a Filipino.

the heritage village at daytime
the kalesa we rode to go around town
the pottery maker
the bell tower of Bantay Church
crispy Bagnet from Cafe Leona
delicious langgonisa from Cafe Leona

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