Samal Island, Davao: Detached from the City Life

This is where the famous Pearl Farm is located. For you to get there, you would need to ride a bus going to Samal from the city terminal. The bus will ride a barge from Davao City to the Island of Samal which takes 15-30 minutes.

the house we stayed in Samal

We stayed in a private resort owned by a friend. We had grilled chicken for dinner cooked by the resort’s caretaker.
The next morning we drove to Seagull Mountain Resort which is located along Davao-Bukidnon road. This is the mountainous part of Davao that’s almost the same as your ride to Baguio. There are pine trees along the road, pineapple and strawberry fields, and the weather gets colder and colder as you get up.

Seagull Mountain Resort

The resort has mini huts good for families or groups. They also have tents and camping area for those who want the trip to be more of an adventure. The back of the resort gives you a view of the DOLE Pineapple fields.

mini hut

About 15 minute drive downhill is the Seagull falls. This falls is about 20 – 30 ft high. I didn’t enjoy the scenery that day due to the constructions on the lower part of the river. They’re making bridge for crossing.

Seagull Falls



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