a Day Trek to Mt. Malipunyo

“The mountains are calling me”, that’s my usual line when I am on a hiatus. I’ve been resting since my climb in Mt. Maculot last March this year.

When JC invited me to join a day-trek climb to Mt. Malipunyo, no shilly-shallies, I then decided I’ll go with them even if I’m the only girl.

From my department’s team building in Laguna, without rest and sleep, I went straight to meet my climbing buddies in Batangas. There were four of us, JC, Marlon, Tom and the only rose among the thorns, me. It was around 0800 when we arrived at the jump-off. We dropped by the baranggay hall to register and get details for the climb. The baranggay secretary welcomed us. We initially planned to climb the mountain without a guide, but the secretary (I forgot his name, me and my gold fish memory!) told us that the trails are very tricky we may get lost. Since it’s our first time there and we all know that it was just a month ago when the niece if the famous tycoon Lopez got lost in that mountain, we decided to get a guide.

We stayed inside the baranggay hall while we waited for our guide. JC craved for a taho. Not a minute after saying “gusto ko ng taho”, a man outside yelled “Tahoooooo”. Yes, that’s a guy selling taho. This is a great place, we thought. Your wish is their command. But when I asked for a venti Coffee Jelly or ice cold Coke, nobody answered. =p


We’ve met our guide, Mang Makring. He’s about 60-70 years old. He was a wild boar hunter for years. Despite of his age, he still looks strong and fit. He’s a patient guide with a lot of humor in him. I remember him cracking jokes on our way up.

It’s quite a long walk from the baranggay hall till the actual jump-off. So I suggest you park near the jump off than leave your car beside the baranggay hall. There are houses near the jump-off where you can park your cars.

The trail of Mt. Malipunyo is almost like Mt. Cristobal less the challenging big slippery rocks on the cliff. It’s a rainforest so it’s cool even on sunny days. It’s the rainy season and most parts of the trail are really slippery. There were trees and trunks to hold but you have to really be careful before you touch it because there are these trunks with sharp thorns. You also have to wear the right clothes. Wear pants and rash guard to avoid this itchy plant they call “lipa” (where their city was named after).

Along the trail, you’ll see a lot of mushrooms in different colors and sizes. You’ll also see these peculiar-but-delicious-looking fruits. We passed by a stream. The water was not that clear due to the heavy rains during the previous days. It was quite a long trek to the summit. your way down. Going down was harder than I thought. It was steep and really slippery. I never had an issue with going down the mountains. In fact, I though my knees are that strong I don’t want to rest while going down the mountains but this became a challenge for me in Malipunyo because– I forgot my hiking socks (I know, I know, what a barrel of silly!). It was awkward wearing my shoes without socks on. Darn it!

It was near dusk when we arrived at the baranggay hall where our car was parked.

After this climb I have proved something to myself, that despite of me being awake for more than 24 hours with no rest and just alcohol in my stomach, I still can climb a mountain.

Overall, it’s still a great climb as my endurance was tested, I had a great time with my climbing buddies and…I had conquered another mountain. Here are some other pics of our climb:

thickly-forested-barely-visible trail
Mang Makring - our patient guide
the summit
the latest I had conquered
the stream

the group

Till my next adventure. Gotta go. The mountains are calling me =)


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