The Poet in Me

Yesterday, I got to work feeling lazy. Maybe it’s because of the weather. It was raining and we know that it’s the time when you wish you’re just at home, watching movies, while munching a bowl of popcorn and gulping a pitcher or iced tea.

I have waited for Mr. Momentum to visit me till the 2nd hour of my shift but he just didn’t come. Maybe he’s lazy to drop by. I was staring at excel blank sheet, about to start one task but I was just so not in the mood. I opened Windows Word instead and thought of writing something. I don’t know but it brought me to writing a line — first line of a poem. I went on till I finish one stanza then I wrote more. The last poem I wrote was ages ago. I couldn’t even remember what that was about or to whom that was for.

My mood and current emotional status are the biggest factors when I write poems. I can only write when I feel well, emotionally and spiritually. Spiritually, I know I am. Emotionally Am I? hahaha. Or maybe it’s just my subconscious who’s telling me I’m not. What’s important for me is that I am happy because I have finished a poem. Something that I haven’t done for the longest time but now proves that I still can write my feelings down through poetry. So here it is, for the man I love who never fails to wake up my senses:


Your smile is like bright mornings in the mountains
The view of the vivid sunlight from the East
Luscious green leaves with morning dews on its tip
A calming sight of the horizon and vast fields

Your touch is like a mountain breeze
Soft, delicate touch with quite a gentle squeeze
Like a relaxing cuddle of light caressing wind
In your arms I can be pinned

Your sweet kisses are like rhythmic waves
There’s always a paradox to describe it
It can smash me to the serenest of emotions
It can calm me to the wildest of fantasies

I hear you say “I love you”
The sweetest music softly whispered to my ears
The smoothest jazz ever played, so dear
A simple promise that takes away all fears


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