I’m in The Bull Runner Magazine

I was texting my friend Archie last Monday to ask how was the Nature Valley run. I was getting a copy of their photos and write up about the event for me to pass to our company communications team and have it published in our intranet site.

He said they were not able to meet up to have photo ops after the event because there were thousands of people who joined the event and The Fort was fully packed. He said “Hey I saw your photo in a magazine.” Brushing off the joke, I said, “Really now? what magazine?”. Archie said, “The Bull Runner, you’re on the travel page.” I was like “C’mon! Really?!” I didn’t expect it!

It is a pleasure to be published in one of the most well-liked, in and famous running magazine in the country.

Special thanks to Jaymie Pizzaro, the editor-in-chief of the Bull Runner magazine and my running icon as well. Thanks for posting my photo and travel tips in Baler.

Here’s the May issue:


  • Running Calendar
  • Running Directory
  • Gear: Hot Gear
  • Gear: Eye Spy – newest models of shades in the market
  • Training: 7 Deadly Sins of First Time Marathoners
  • Nutrition: Carb Concerns
  • Expert Advice: Dr. George Canlas on dealing with ITBS
  • My Story: Hector Yuzon recounts his experience in the L.A. Marathon
  • My Story: Meeting the Dreamers – Interview with TBR Dream Marathoners: Mikko Barranda, Melfred Fernandez, and Michelline Suarez
  • Events: Unilab’s Run United for Wellness, Pinay in Action, Globe Run for Home, Mizuno Time Trials, The Amazing Kidney Race
  • Community: Pace Partner’s International
  • Travel: Gail Salvacion in Sabang Beach
  • Personal Record: Race to Remember: Bea Locsin, Paolo Defensor, Ivy Mendoza, Duane Santos, Monica Torres

Thanks to my ever so patient boyfriend and photographer, Mr. Wowoo Ranada for the shot. Looking forward for more.

Enjoy reading! Cheers!


2 thoughts on “I’m in The Bull Runner Magazine

  1. Sis, this is soo nice…
    Where can I get a copy?…(can I still get one?)
    It will be cool to brag about one of my sissy’s being in a magazine…

    Been reading your blogs and your passion for writing and adventure leaves me at awe…

    I am so proud and happy of what you have become, not to mention how at peace and happy and pretty you look…

    Really looking forward to seeing you soon…Its high time we catch up…
    I miss you…
    Take Good Care…

    Love Always,


    1. Hi Sis! thanks for visiting my blog! =) i think I still have 3 copies here at home. hahaha. we should meet. there’s a lot of catching up to do =) i miss you and Nico.

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