Munting Buhangin Nasugbu, Batangas: Disappointing Facts

When I think of a spontaneous weekend getaway, I imagine spending it by the beach, lying on the sand, enjoying the sun, I close my eyes and let the splash of the waves and sound of the wind fill in my senses. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened to me and my boyfriend last weekend.

We were supposed to join the Nature Valley Run Leg 2 but have ditched it for a number of reasons: my health, weather, upcoming events. We then decided to go to the beach instead. There were a lot of options but we chose the nearest which is Munting Buhangin in Nasugbu, Batangas.

We were both ready and excited on a Saturday morning.

We arrived in Munting Buhangin before lunch time and much to our surprise, the place was packed. There were company and family outings. I realized, this was the last summer hurrah and people were really taking advantage of it.

In the afternoon, we walked by the beaches of Punta Fuego and some other resorts near Munting Buhangin. 5 or 10 years ago, the place probably looked like Anawangin. Now, it’s sad to see lots of cigarette butts scattered on the beach, developed resorts, and uncontrollable number of undisciplined people who doesn’t care about their surroundings. There were plastic cups, plastic bags, cans, etc. on the beach. The place was noisy due to a number of videoke machines left and right which were by the way open till 2am and resumed at 6am. Imagine how stressful that was?! The owner could have made rooms for people/groups who want to use videoke so that the noise does not affect other guests. The owner/management could have hired enough manpower to maintain sanitation in the area. We haven’t even seen any trash bins around. Rules should have been posted everywhere to remind everyone not to litter.

The shower area? Oh Dear, you wouldn’t want to hear this. It’s freakin’ flooded! There were no trash bins on each cubicle for the ladies to put their shampoo sachet, tissue or what have you.

This trip was a nightmare! I’m sure I’m not going back to that place.

To the resort owner: opening a business like your resort not only requires an entrepreneur’s experience, planning and strategy but even more requires commitment — commitment that you’ll maintain the milieu by making rules to conserve nature — nature which is where you earn from your business in the first place. I’m sure I’m not the only unsatisfied customer you have lost or will lose in the future. You better act now or lose your business soon.

To all the guests: Rules are just mere reminders for us people. What to do and how to care for the environment is pure logic and instinct. You know it’s not okay to throw plastics on the beach, you know it’s not okay to put your cigarette butts on the sand and you know noise is pollution too. You should always act responsibly wherever you go.

Those are my two cents worth.

Overall, I still enjoy the company of my boyfriend — one like-minded individual who was also pissed with all these crap.

keeping the good vibes
lunch at Mile-Hi Tagaytay

To compensate this sucky experience, we dropped by Tagaytay and rewarded ourselves with a big lunch in Mile-Hi.


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