One of my biggest frustrations in life is — playing drums.

It is amazing how you can make music out of hand and feet coordination which I find unexplainably hard to do.

When I watch band performances, it’s the drummer who catches my attention all the time. Maybe because I know how to play all the other instruments, I know a bit of guitar and a bit of keyboards. It’s the drums I really didn’t know how to play or I should say the drums didn’t like me.

Last Saturday, I was invited by my boyfriend Wowoo to join this Drum Clinic. It was held in a studio in BF Paranaque. They’re starting a group called Drummer’s for Christ. There were less than 20 drummers who attended the event where they were able to perform and share their best practices. It was a rare and unique assembly of some of the drummers in the south. Explosive talent, passion, humor and irresistible personality come together in a magical setting when these diverse drummers started to build this group.

Being surrounded by good drummers was intimidating most especially when they’re performing and it looks like it’s effortless for them and yet they already make real good beat. They talked about a lot of jargons which I didn’t understand.

It was an incredible meet for music, passion and camaraderie. The overriding philosophy of these musicians is driven by love, passion for music and joy of life. It was really a great start for the group. I can’t wait for their first concerto.

If you’re a drummer and you want to join this group, be with your fellow drummers and share your passion in beating snares, beating toms, stepping on drum pedals and stirring the crowd with your heart-pounding bass drum beat, then you may email my boyfriend Wowoo Ranada at wowoo@yahoo.com for details.

I wish I’m a drummer too and share the rhythm that lives within me! Good thing I am with a drummer.

I wish the positive energy they have shown will continue to pulse through for the years to come then I’ll be their number one fan.


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