Music Madness

Wayback 1984, a mom makes sure she has the stereo on when her baby sleeps and she does other household chores. Once the tape’s done she immediately changes it to side A or B just so the baby will not be awaken by the sudden silence.

How ironic! A baby who doesn’t want silence when she sleeps?

But yeah, that’s true and that’s my story. That’s what my mom told me.

At that early stage I have already shown my passion for music.

Now that I am a grown up, that story hasn’t changed at all. Music is part of my everyday routine. My day starts with music — my preferred song as my alarm, sometimes I don’t get up until the song is finished. I sing in the shower, sometimes LSS with my alarm. Ipod’s ready with the playlist on my way to work.

It’s just unfortunate that I cannot listen to it while at work.

But once I’m out, Ipod’s on–earphones’ on—playlist check—volume: high.

Once I get home, I turn on my lappy and open my iTunes.

More than 50% of my daily routine revolves with music.

But, what really is music to me? There are millions of music definitions and each varies on how each people see and hear music. It varies on genre, age, or repertoire.

“A good music brings me places” that’s my own definition.

I am now listening to Sara Tavares. All the songs in her album Xinti are written in Portugese and though I don’t understand each word, when I listen to it and I close my eyes, I suddenly see myself cruisin’ the Caribbean. The melody of each instrument from percussions to guitars to flute and Sara’s vocals is perfect to my ears.

I have discovered that Kiwi’s are also making good music. I listen to Katchafire and I suddenly found myself jammin’ by the beach and chillin’ out with friends.

I also have just recently discovered Dub FX. And man, he’s damn talented! He’s unique, he’s creative and he’s full of energy when he performs. You play his music and suddenly I’m in the streets of London, Swansea, Hamilton and Leeds.

These artists are my recent favorites and just a few compared to numbers in my playlist.

Did you notice I got a diverse genre? Yeah I do, I listen to almost all music genres. I can go from Reggae to Pop, from Alternative to Soul, from Bossa to House and Trance and Techno.

As long as I can go anywhere with it in my imagination, then it should stay in my playlist for long.

Music is my bestfriend!!!


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