A Disappointed Runner

As a blogger, I have the right to speak my mind and speak the truth. Whether it be a personal opinion or a mere critique.

Let me start with planning to have the HSBC Runner’s Club join the Globe Run for Home 2010. Globe had their interesting ads for the run. The location was even catchy because it was the first ever running event in Ayala Triangle, Makati.

Our club chose to register as a group because it’s cheaper. I registered the club at Globe store in ATC. The 5k category was already closed when I registered. DISAPPOINTING! It was disappointing because there were no communication about it considering that they have their own site and they can use other running sites to inform people about it. I had almost 10 club members who were disappointed running 3km instead of 5km. After signing up, I asked for the runner’s kits, then the lady said “Ay mam, wala pa pong available. Itetext na lang po namen kasyo pag meron na. Baka po next week. Balik na lang po kayo.” DISAPPOINTING! “So I have to go back next week?” I thought. Last month, the Century Tuna Superbods run were able to have the runner’s kits available upon registration. How come Globe wasn’t able to organize it that way? You can’t blame me for comparing it from my previous runs.

I’ve waited for their text for a week. I haven’t received any! Monday before the Sunday run, I went to that Globe store expecting to get the runner’s kits. But there’s no one in the kiosk. The guard said the runner’s kits are still not available. DISAPPOINTING!

Two days after, I called the contact number on the registration form and asked when are they giving out the runner’s kits. They promised Friday that week and as usual, they asked for my mobile number and advised they’ll call me when it’s available (you think I’m gonna buy that crap?!)

I woke up early on Friday so I can drop by Globe ATC to get the runner’s kits before I go to work. My work starts at 3pm. I was there at 2pm and there’s NO ONE IN THE KIOSK, AGAIN, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! SO DISAPPOINTING! Mother F! The guard said the employee in charge went on break and will be back in 3o minutes. How the hell was that possible?! That was the first and last day of the runner’s kits distribution and they didn’t assign at least two people to manage it. There were 3 of us waiting there. It’s past an hour and still no one arrived. I was really angry, frustrated, dissatisfied, unhappy…yes you can add all the synonyms in Thesaurus.

It was 3pm. I knew I was late for work but I had to get the runner’s kits that day as it was the last day of the week, my last day at work, the only day possible for me to distribute the kits. I called the contact number again and complained about the experience. I demanded them to call the person in charge that very minute. A guy came after 10 minutes. I was second in line. The guy in front of m was getting 22 runner’s kits. And you know what?! The guy in charge was MANUALLY checking each singlets one-by-one and checking the names if those are the names the guy was looking for. GENIUS! Can you believe that?! What if he has got millions of runner’s kits in front of him? He’ll check one by one till he finishes the next day?? Damn! While waiting for the first to finish, he handed me the list of names. It freaked me up! It wasn’t alphabetized!! Oh My! The command “sort” in excel is as easy as 1-2-3, didn’t they know that?!

“Maybe it’s just the registration process” I thought.

Sunday came and all were ready for the run. There were a lot of people waiting for the gun start when we arrived. In all fairness to Globe, they started on time. The checking in and checking out of baggage was systematic. I thought everything would go smoothly that day.

I was wrong…

I went to the water station before the run. There were tons of mineral water and energy drink piled up on the side and only one guy was giving out the drinks. Some runners were getting their own in the cooler. Sigh!

Today is the second day after that very disappointing event and they haven’t published the race results yet. Huh?! Should I be surprised?! The Globe Run for Home 2010 was the most disorganized run I’ve ever been to.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s frustrated about it. I just hope they manage feedback well and learn from it for the better of the next year’s run which I don’t look forward to anyway because I’m not attending.


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