Searing light from the sun, the wind blowing so thinly, colorful flip-flops, sexy tank tops and an easy-melting ice cream: just some of the prolific signs that SUMMER is here.

Too bad we only have two seasons in the Philippines. We don’t have winter, autumn and spring unlike most of the Western countries. What we have are just the rainy season and a hot hot summer. I find the rainy season boring. You just bum around, stay inside the house and be a couch potato.You turn on the TV, you grab a bowl of popcorn and a pitcher of iced tea. Not so long you find yourself asleep. Then you wake up, it’s still raining and it’s flooding the whole city. You got nothing else to do so you sleep again. Imagine that! What a boring life you got there! Some like it because they could spend time with their family at home. I’d probably like that too if I’m living with my parents but that doesn’t apply to me now as I’m living all by myself. There is limited stuff you can do during the rainy days and most can only be done indoors. For an outdoor person like me, that wouldn’t work! That would bore me to death!

Then there is summer…

It is warm, even HOT. If you’re lucky enough to live in such a wonderful place like the Philippines, you have the option to go jogging in the morning, then hit up the beach for surfing in the afternoon, followed by a BBQ party by the beach in the afternoon with possible skimboarding sessions in the evening. Not too mention the endless camping possibilities, mountaineering and any other activity that can be enjoyed on a lake, street, forest or ocean. Just thinking about it makes me giddy. I’m up for the challenge of SUMMER 2010. I’ve already got the ball rolling by recently going to Baler for surfing.

Oh yeah..where I got this sun burn..still hurts…ouch!

I’ll try to keep you up to date with my summer adventures as often as possible and if we’re lucky enough to cross paths, then we’ll have to enjoy some GT’s (good times…duh!) together.

Oh…and don’t forget to complete your playlist with all the songs that would make your summer even more exciting…chill out with some REGGAE man!!!

Signing off now. Ü


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