Run Green Marathon

Early on the 24th January 2010, the HSBC Runner’s Club made their way for the club’s first run. They joined the De La Salle Zobel 1st Run Green Marathon in Ayala Alabang Village. They had a total of 17 energized participants from the club with different race categories: 3k, 5k and 10k.

These runner’s, instead of having breakfast with their families on a Sunday morning at home, watching DVD on a comfy couch, sleeping in their cozy beds or going home after their shift, have decided to go and join the marathon.

The race starting area was substantially peopled when the Runners arrived. Most are doing their warm ups, some are chatting and some are just waiting for the gun fire. This was the club’s first run but the Runners weren’t intimidated at all as they went there not to compete but to run as a team.

A runner was standing near the starting line, wearing a white shirt that reads “Why are you running?” It begs a runner to ask himself/herself this question on why they, as runners, challenge their bodies in the heat, cold, rain or sunshine for the sake of another mile and the sweet rush of adrenaline.

Every runner is different. They set different goals for themselves and they have their own reasons and goals in running. But one goal each of the ___Runner’s Club members have in common, they run to promote work-life balance in our company.

Kudos to all the members who have boldly finished their categories!

Mae Jonson, member of the club, was not able to run due to her health conditions but still joined and showed her support by being the club’s photographer.

The club is looking forward to more marathons this 2010 and aiming to be the most active club in our company. They will join the Century Tuna Superbods in February and Manila 5000 5k in March.


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