Corregidor Conquered

Race Route:10 miles or 16km
Around 70% road, 30% trail
Degree of Difficulty: Difficult. Steep ascents, mixed road and trail. Both sunny and rainy season would add a different challenge to the race.

I was too busy to post this on my blog. So here I am now. Sharing my experience in Corregidor. We arrived Corregidor after lunch on December 6, 2010. It was my first time there and like the other runners, I was excited for the race and to see this historic place.

I wish I have discovered this place long before. Together with my boyfriend Wowoo, newly met friends Maradona and Gift, and Corregidor conquerors, we arrived so ready to conquer the place. 



We toured the Island together with other runners. I didn’t know that Corregidor is a non-residential island. It’s just right to leave it that way to maintain the rich history still alive in the ruins left there. It’s a bit late when we came back from the tour. My boyfriend pitched the tent then slept early to prepare for the next day’s race.



We woke up at 5am. We had cookies, tuna and coffee (of course) for breakfast, break camp,  then we headed to the race starting area after.

The race course is 10 miles or 16km. The first kilometer was already challenging. We immediately encountered the first ascent of the race route. As we will later find out the race course is nor for the beginner or average leisure runner.

30% trail. Unfortunately I was not using my trail shoes. The trail was grassy and laden with limestone rocks and twigs. But good thing I was wearing leggings instead of a running shorts.

I wouldn’t be ashamed to say that I walked some parts of the run. Perhaps, it was a combination of several factors: heat of the sun, lack of breakfast that morning, tummy ache and of course the lavish climbs we had to do every mile. Just when we thought we were doing downhill already, we were stunned to see another sudden uphill.

The excellent feature of the race was the generous serving of historical tidbits and landmarks all runners experienced seeing. It was a visual overload of World War II ruins and amazing flora and fauna. We saw pretty birds and monkeys along the trail.

Towards the last leg of the race we passed by the trail beside the Pacific War Memorial towards the tail side of the island. By the last mile, my ipod was playing A Beautiful Lie by 30 seconds to Mars.

It was an awesome run! I’ll let the photos do the talking and I do hope you experience it for yourself. Ü


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