Mt. Talamitam Climb

(I wrote this Q4 of last year 2009. I just posted this now coz i missed posting it before.)

Jump-off point: Sitio Bayabasan, Brgy. Aga, Nasugbu (KM. 83)
LLA: 14.1158° N; 120.7577° N; 630 MASL
Days required/ Hours to summit: 1 day / 2 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 3/9, Trail class 1-3 with steep assault (100m)

It’s just the three of us: Kuya Ariel, JC and I. I was one of the boys, rose among these long haired thorns Ü, supposed to be the only princess but NOPE, we can’t do that. In the mountains boys and girls are equal.

We left Pasay around 4pm and we arrive at the jump-off around 7pm. Yes! It was a night trek. We climbed the mountain and crossed a river with just our head lamps on. We were caught up in a little accident when JC’s bag fell into the river when he was about to hand it over to Kuya Ariel. I saw his reaction, he was like “Oh shit, yung bag ko! Oh shit! Yung mga gamit ko mababasa.” , doing nothing, just staring at his bag floating in to the current. No one was able to swim to get the bag because we don’t know how deep the water was. So JC just went back to the other side of the river to follow the current and get the bag. Fortunately, the bag stopped on one of the steady rocks and JC was able to get it. Only problem was, all his things were soaking wet including his 2 cell phones.

Some challenging trails and drizzled in some parts of the mountain. I’ve missed the feeling of climbing. Good thing we climbed at night. I can just imagine a day trek. You’ll rarely see trees to get a shade for resting.

Mt. Talamitam is the same terrain of Mt. Batulao. Although it lacks the cool breezes and grand landscapes of Batulao, it is a surprisingly wondrous mountain on its own right, with verdant cogon grass during the rainy season, and a challenging, 60-degree trail before the peak.

Talamitam is a mountain that had a more glorious past. It was named after the talamitam trees that used to grow on its slopes – a reminder of the time when Talamitam had lush vegetation and untarnished ecosystems. Right now, kaingin and irresponsible garbage disposal have obliterated this serenity. As if to testify to the mountain’s woes, the statue of the Virgin Mary – which has been described as “the guardian of Nasugbu” – has been literally decapitated. Although the statue has since been restored, it was not a welcome sight at the summit. Sir Nick, formerly the caretaker of the mountain, has spearheaded efforts to heighten awareness of this problem, but it remains to be seen if his efforts will be supported by authorities who are in a position to rectify curb the misguided local practices.

The trail to Talamitam is easy, taking just 1hr 40mins to complete up to the summit. The trails were easy to follow. At the peak, Mt. Batulao’s presence looms large. Going back will take less than an hour.


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