Entering the World of Mountaineers and Runners

I wasn’t athletic when I was in school. Unfortunately, I wasn’t born with speed genes. I remember when I was in elementary and high school, I can’t join volleyball coz I was freakishly afraid of “the ball”. How the hell am I gonna join the game when I keep on avoiding the ball when the rule really is to hit it back to the other opponents? In elementary my endurance and stamina were just tested in “luksong-tinik”, “luksong-baka” and Chinese garter (I used to be a Chinese-garter honcho). In high school, I was a cheerleader. In college, I took, table tennis, lawn tennis and swimming for my PE classes. I liked swimming but didn’t pursue it.

I was already in a corporate industry when I tried mountaineering. That was 2008 when I heard that the HSBC Outdoor Club was looking for members. I thought, this’ll be a great diversion from work. I signed up and joined their first climb. The club’s first climb was Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas. That was the first time I climbed a mountain. I liked the experience, meeting new people and the feeling that you have just climbed a mountain. After the first climb, I looked forward for more. As I was writing this, I’ve already been to 7 mountains and I have 2 upcoming trips, Mt. Pulag and Mt. Kota Kinabalu this 2010. I was addicted to it.

Personally, I tell you: it is all worth it. Whatever expenses you incur, or difficult training you undergo; it is all worth it. It is not just the beauty of the views, but the challenge of the trails; the camaraderie of like-minded individuals; and the sheer tranquility of nature that you will count. One more thing, mountaineering is a sport, a social activity – relaxation and exertion at the same time.

Mountaineering tested my body’s staying power so I decided trying running in 2009. My first run was in the Microsoft IE Run at the Fort. I was with my boyfriend and some friends. Mountaineering and running can be compared in goal setting. Before the climb you make an itinerary, get your pace during the climb, and make sure your pace meets the time set on the itinerary.

In running, you set goal before you run, get your pace while running and maintain it till you reach the finish line.

I enjoyed running, so I joined Adidas n October and Conquer Corregidor in December, both in 2009. I was inspired to run more and set goals for myself by Jaymie Pizzaro a.k.a The Bull Runner. She was truly a tough Pinay. From then on, she has been an inspiration.

In November 2009, I decided to open the HSBC Runner’s Club. (which I’ll blog about one of these days) I’ve passed the application requirements and was thrilled when it was accredited the same month. Now I have more than 30 members and still counting. I haven’t set up the club’s plans for 2010 though coz I still have to meet the club heads.

I love mountaineering and running. There are a lot of benefits these sports can give you. My goal is to do this till I have grand kids. =)

Now that I am in their world, my responsibility is to encourage and inspire others to try it. Do it now and get stoked.

Our world can be yours too. =)


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