Hiking Up Mt. Maculot

sunset kiss
view from the top of Mt. Maculot

We initially planned to go surfing in La Union. It was supposed to be a trip with Kuya Ariel and my boyfriend Wowoo. Days passed but Kuya Ariel didn’t confirm if he’s going (I wonder why…Busy with what? Or busy with whom?…Teeeheee…)

My bf then decided we climb Mt. Maculot instead of going to La Union. Just the two of us. We left Alabang at around 2 in the afternoon. There’s no aircon bus from Alabang to Lemery so we took the ordinary bus. I didn’t care anymore if my hair would look like those crazy-haired-trolls, time’s running and we wanted to be there before dusk. We took a jeep from Lipa to Cuenca, then trike to the jump-off.

We started the trek at around 4pm. It was my first time in Mt. Maculot and it was 6 years ago when my bf last visited the mountain so he was a bit confused with the trail. We were trekking for almost an hour already when he realized we’re going the wrong way. It’s getting dark so he decided to spend the night somewhere where we could pitch our tent and just continue the trek the next morning. We found a place where we could see the view of the lake . I loved the view of the sunset and the tranquility of the lake. It’s pure bliss! We took some pictures before we pitched the tent.

Climbers, DO NOT forget your slippers when you climb a mountain. Our feet?! They’re the ones who take us places. They’re the ones who get tired before us. After a long and tiring walk, they deserve to relax on comfy slip-ons. Mt bf forget his, Ah! Poor feet! So he used mine. See! I am a gentle woman. Honey, put SLIPPERS on top of the list the next time you climb ohkay?! 

We had rice, spam and tuna for dinner…

The night was not silent as you expect. You could hear a lot of crickets while you sleep. You may wanna add my bf’s snore. I recorded it in my celly. He had three remakes, with different musical arrangement each version. If you ask me what I can remember that night, I tell you, it’s the sound of Mt. Maculot’s crickets and my honey’s snore.   Peace honey!

We woke up at 7am the next morning. We didn’t cook breakfast. We just ate bread with my favorite Nutella spread. Yumyum!

We started the trek before 8am. This time we were able to take the right trail. It was easy compared to Mt. Cristobal. What I didn’t like about the trek though was the sun. It was so hot and we were runnin’ out of water. When you’re climbing a mountain and you’re too tired, and you sweat too much, and you’re in the wilderness without the luxury of water or soft towel to dry yourself, you crave for urban convenience. Comfort room, fruit shake, mocha frappe, or just simply super cold refreshing water to drink.

When we reached the top, I suddenly forgot these conveniences. The panoramic view of the lake was LOVELY! It’s there where you appreciate nature more and you can’t help but to plan the next trip on the list.

By the way, I slipped on the rocks.

The view was amazing indeed but it was so sad to see what happened to the mountain. My bf told me that there was a store there before they call 7-eleven because they have almost everything you need. When we went there, it was already closed and there was a lot of garbage around the area. Plastics, cans, and sacks of bottles are scattered everywhere. Mt. Maculot is a beautiful mountain to be treated like that. I just started climbing last year and Mt. Maculot was the 3rd mountain I climbed. I am not calling myself an “experienced mountaineer” because I am not. My experience is nothing compared to those who have been climbing for years now, but I already call myself a mountaineer because I learned to love the nature and would not do anything to harm her. I believe mountaineering should be done with passion and to be able to do that you should feel yourself as one with nature. The destruction of Mt. Maculot I suspect was caused by those “irresponsible mountaineers”. We are born destructive but we can always be preventive.

It was an unforgettable climb with my boyfriend…

It was amazing to see the undoubtedly impressive view from the top…

And it was sad to see what others did to the mountain…We are responsible mountaineers, so we stick to the rule: Leave nothing but footprints…Take nothing but pictures…Kill nothing but time.


One thought on “Hiking Up Mt. Maculot

  1. Wow. You’re dates with your boyfriend are so adventurous. No wonder you’re looking forward to the TNF trail run at Nuvali 🙂 I’m sure you’ll both enjoy!

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